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They are using SprutCAM:

A company of the SWATCH GROUP of Switzerland

Lublin University of Technology

SprutCAM is used for almost ten years. The interface is easy to use. It gives a wide spectrum of possibilities: good control of the toolpath, wide range of machining strategies. It copes well with importing files from other systems and it does not require large hardware resources. SprutCAM is characterized by a stable operation. Every day allows us to know better the world of technology.




Prof. Piotr Kacejko Rector of Lublin University of Technology, Poland

Alto Performance

This innovative programme makes turning your designs into CNC language stunningly easy. With its high specification but intuitive feel you will be up and running  any CNC machine quickly. Nearly everything you see on our bikes is made using this programme.





Ben Shaughnessy Technical Director & Team Principal of Alto Performance Race Team

Instituto Federal de Educação

We are users of CAD/CAM systems for 20 years. In this period, we tested more than 6 valued brands. Recently, we performed research with 5-axis milling. The prototype of a trunnion table with zero backlash was developed and tested with SprutCAM. The SprutCAM was the best acquisition for our 5-axis applications. Featuring the ability to compute and simulate nontrivial kinematics. The SprutCAM postprocessor only defines the syntax of CNC program, without performing geometric calculations as inverse kinematics and linearization. The postprocessor is seen here, as a kind of translator. This new approach reduces the possibility of errors in postprocessing. The most reliable way is to simulate the final CNC program, the same to be executed by real CNC machine. The SprutCAM simulation closely approximates this condition more reliable. SprutCAM: a great and wonderful software!

Felicio Jose Gesser Professor, Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia de Santa Catarina, Brasil

IGP Venezuela

I have been using SprutCAM since mid 2007. I had the chance to test many CAM programs before this one and ALWAYS ended up with the feeling the program could be improved or some features I wanted were missing. Until I tried SprutCAM!!!!! From day one I realized this was the one. Along the years the program has evolved to a very sofisticated level. I recommend it to everyone. The only Con in my opinion is the manual which could be improved. However with the advent of Youtube just about every sample needed can be found. Support is quick and efficient. No complaints whatsoever. The way every program should be.

Ricardo Romero IGP Venezuela

WAYPOINT engineering, Inc.

WAYPOINT Engineering, Inc

The world of CAD and CAM software continues to change with the end result of giving users more value and capabilities for less money. When I first used CAM software the cost was over .25 million for the system. With SprutCAM, I could literally and figuratively cut circles around those first accomplishments in far less time. I have been pleasantly surprised to find that SprutCAM not only has proven to be very reliable in its output, the value for the costs are outstanding. Every CAM system has its pros and cons, but I have found that SprutCAM has very few cons which is a great accomplishment for all invoived in its creation. Thanks.


Loyd May WAYPOINT engineering, Inc., USA

Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology

I have been evaluating SprutCam and feel it is an ideal program to teach new CNC users. The latest version is great, easy to use and very powerful.


Greg Riach Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, Canada

Able Engineering Pty Ltd.

After using SprutCAM Expert for a short period i feel confident i can recomend it to other cnc operators because of its ease of use, good support,good price and ability to read solid edge models and produce error free code. To be more specific about support. I was sent a post proccessor for my controller within 2 days after sending a sample program.

Other good points: operations can be saved and used again on similer jobs with new geometry. Also by just ticking 3 boxes programs can be output with smooth arcs in G17 G18 G19 planes. Another good feature is the ability to recognise holes in solid models. Finally i would like to add, on the strength of SprutCAM we won a job to make a set of 4 press tool dies involving complex 3D machining,while i was still useing SprutCAM in evaluation mode.

Michael Crack CNC operator, Able Engineering Pty Ltd., Australia

RSW Products: Why I have thrown my other CAM packages in the garbage and changed to SprutCAM

I just want to take a few moments to share my experience with SprutCAM. This company has greatly impressed me, and here is why.

I can tell you from experience that shopping for good CAM software is not an easy job and I just want to take this opportunity to share my experiences because there may be others who are frustrated. With most of the software developers, they do not want to even let you have a good chance to evaluate their software before you buy it. You have to bother them to get a demo, and then you cannot generate a post or it is limited to very few lines of code. How can you evaluate something you cannot use? SPRUT Technology has a much different attitude in this area.

We prototype/design and manufacture high performance aircraft propeller and engine components, specializing primarily with vintage world war 2 aircraft, race planes, and agricultural crop dusters. Until a few months ago we farmed out most of the production. When we decided to bring all manufacturing in-house, we needed to upgrade to a full featured 3D cam package. We are engineers not machinists, so one big factor was that the software should be efficient and not overcomplicated to use. I literally have looked at almost every major cam system on the market. Since I also work at Johnson Space Center I have had the opportunity to study many other systems in detail.

I think many companies make their software more difficult to use than necessary in order to sell expensive training programs. Even though I am not a machinist by trade, with SprutCAM I am able to generate my toolpaths quickly and efficiently. If I can use it, anyone can. I also would add that SprutCAM generates efficient toolpaths which means less machining time. We machine very complex 3d components and SprutCAM offers the tools to perform. Oh yes, and SprutCAM comes as a complete milling package, you won"t have to keep buying a new module every time you wish to machine something new.

Last of all, there is the issue of product support. This is where SprutCAM really outshines everyone. I have a lot of experience in dealing with various software companies for CAD, CAM, digitizing etc.. and in almost all cases the technical support in this industry is terrible! I can assure you that SPRUT Technology supports their product second to none. Even with a huge time zone difference these guys have outsupported everyone in their industry. This was the real deciding factor why I have thrown my other cam packages in the garbage and changed to SprutCAM.

When I first sent an email to ask about the software, they let me download a full version to try on my machine. They are not afraid to let you see their product, they know it is good. Then, because I have a very new, and somewhat unusual machine, I had some errors with circular move translation. The SprutCAM support team was extremely patient, prompt, and focused, and I was very impressed! Even though I had a time zone to fight, I was up and running faster than I thought possible.

I am highly recommending SprutCAM to anyone.

Willy Schweis Chief Inspector, RSW Products, USA

A & P Engineering: SprutCAM Expert was the right choice

We have been using the SprutCAM Expert software for about 10 months now, and it has exceeded our expectations.

We had previously purchased another Cad/Cam system, and this had proved unreliable and difficult to obtain any useful support, so when we were offered a job that required 3D machining, we were naturally hesitant about using our existing system and decided to look at some alternatives.

After looking at several systems we decided to trial the SprutCAM Expert system and were very impressed with the speed and ease at which we were becoming familiar with the system and we felt that the SprutCAM Expert was the right choice.

With no formal training, and a few phone calls to Sprut Technology"s support line, we were up to speed very quickly and had the first batch of 3D work completed.

The SprutCAM system has allowed us to take on more complex work from new customers and has integrated within our day to day running very smoothly.

When you look at this system compared to others on the market which cost significantly more, you can appreciate what value for money this system really is. We cannot praise the support from Sprut highly enough. They have always answered our questions promptly, and in a "down to earth" manner.

Although we purchased SprutCAM for our 3D work, we now use it for pretty much all our 2D work as well.
coupled with the Rhino 3D cad system that was purchased at the same time for part manipulation and design, this is a very versatile and powerful package which is very easy to use.

Andy Brain Managing Director, A & P Engineering


I have not seen a more logical and easy-to-use program than SprutCAM. In a matter of one or two days, I was able to master the basic programming workflow methods and use a powerful arsenal of CAM tools to decrease programming time and improve product quality. The high level of technical support and quick response to any requests only further adds to the total value of SprutCAM.


Igor Agafonov СТС Process Engineer, AvtoVAZ, Russia

KAMAZ-Metallurgy Plc.

The SprutCAM system has a simple and easy to learn interface. It incorporates excellent geometrical modeling tools for developing tool paths. The file import module works very with the various CAD systems we use at our factory, like Cadds, Pro/Engineer and Unigraphics. The affordable cost of SprutCAM has allowed us to bring on additional CNC technologists, that would not have been possible if we had chosen another, more expensive CAM solution.


Sergey Skachkov Senior CNC Engineer, KAMAZ-Metallurgy Plc., Russia

Robot Ale s.r.l.: SprutCAM is the best system for three axis CNC programming we’ve ever seen

We’ve searched for a long time to find a quality CAM-system and have tested many products. The majority are too slow, difficult and as consequence demand an expert level for correct use. On the lower end of the spectrum, the inexpensive products offered today are too primitive with poor quality and inefficient toolpaths. Yesterday, we downloaded the demonstration version of SprutCAM, and after a few minutes of testing we were left completely amazed. It is the best system for three axis CNC programming we’ve ever seen. It’s intuitive, flexible, very powerful and at the same time simple in use and development.


Pietro Meloni General Manager, Robot Ale s.r.l., Italy

TF Automations: SprutCAM is so easy that we didn’t require any formal training

We had looked at several different 3D systems, but decided on SprutCAM because of its ease of use. In fact, it is so easy that we didn’t require any formal training! In our line of business, which is the manufacture of specialized automation equipment, our designs are call for very complex 3D machining, and SprutCAM has allowed us to do the work in-house, at a fraction of the cost of other systems we had looked at. The introduction of SprutCAM has also benefited our design department, enabling us to add features to our designs which would have been very difficult and expensive to produce in the past.


Mr. John Roberts Managing Director, TF Automations, Great Britain

Zeus Products

I have been using SprutCAM Expert for two years, it’s very powerful yet simple to use. Excellent value for a superb system.

Selwyn Fearis Zeus Products, Great Britain


The decision was not an accident, this software is successfully operating in 'Narzędziowcu' from 2012. It is in narzędziowcu SprutCAM software works under production conditions in terms of optimal technology and business strategy, and thanks to the professional cooperation with the supplier New Tech Solutions Sp. z.o.o. decided that from among the many programs - is this CAM has been selected.

Rafal Bajer Vice Chairman of the Board of Narzędziowiec Sp. z o.o., PL


At the Formula Student Team Delft, we have the pleasure of using SprutCAM as our new CAM software for the production of the DUT14. Using the tutorials it was easy to program simple operations at first and gradually increase the difficulty towards 3-axis milling complex shapes. After 5 weeks of producing over 1500 parts, of which around 20 were done on our CNC, the production of the DUT4 was finished.
At the end of the season, the team had attended 3 competitions: Formula Student UK at Silverstone Circuit, Formula Student Germany at the Hockenheim Ring and Formula Student Austria at the Red Bull Ring, winning first prize in the UK, third in Germany and second in Austria.
We will be using SprutCAM for the DUT15 too, so stay tuned! 


Sietse van Schouwenburg Sietse van Schouwenburg of DUT Racing, NL

NASHERO s.r.l.

We've recently moved over from Visual Mill Pro to SprutCAM. SprutCAM is lightening fast compared to our older CAM and infinitely more flexible. We've created our specific CNC machine in CAD format and imported it in SprutCAM, then using the built in postprocessor generator, we create the postprocessor for our machine. The most remarkable thing in SprutCAM is speed. Previously for many models VMPro would take over a night to read in a complex CAD model. Whereas for exactly the same model SprutCAM does it in a blink. Why so? Apparently SprutCAM works with native file formats and many other CAM products use a mesh. Thus if the mesh is very fine, it takes that much longer to work with. The product is extremely intuitive to use, added to that Sprutcam has been excellent in answering even the most banal of our queries and in one instance, they offered to help fix the CAD model of the CNC mill that we created to help create the machining. Recently, moving over to the most recent release of SprutCAM, they've added morphing. Anyone who does mold design or high quality class A surfaces will appreciate the feature. Such a feature is only available in extremely high end tools and Sprut has brought a truly game changing system to the production and prototyping environment. Sprut, thank you for saving my time!


Dr. Naresh Sharma CEO of NASHERO s.r.l., Italy

Omni ID

I have been using SprutCAM for 2 years now and it has transformed the ability of our CNC. I had never seen such value for money and really good functionality. The support from Sprut Technology (UK) is second to none and very responsive.





Peter Solman Head of Mechanical Design of Omni ID, UK

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