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We are always willing to provide you with the optimal solution. In order to do this, we would need to get some input from you.


They are using SprutCAM:

A company of the SWATCH GROUP of Switzerland
  • Your CNC equipment list (you can send us links drawings of your equipment from the manuals) etc.
  • Description of the products that you are going to produce (its best to have a few drawings and/or 3D models)
  • CNC programming manual (of the machine as well of the controller) 
  • G-code examples (if available).
  • How many CNC processing engineers will be using CAM system?
  • Do the CNC processing engineers have different fields of application?
  • Are you using 3D models when writing the G-code? Or do you use drawings? Or both?

We are ready to help you choose the optimal configuration. Get in touch with us.


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