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SprutCAM - solution for CNC machines programming

Expert level CAM software with unique workflow and user friendly interface

Отечественная CAM система для фрезерных и токарных станков  


 10 000 users and growing

Used for any type of CNC machines and industrial robots programming

 100 dealers in 54 countries

In Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia and the US

30 years of CAM expertise
Started at early years of computer science, continuing and growing nowadays


Create G-code for CNC machines in SprutCAM


SprutCAM — g-code generation software for CNC machines

SprutCAM is CAM software from Russia. CAM is short for Computer-Aided Manufacturing. SprutCAM is the software g-code generation automation. SprutCAM is used for multi-axis milling, turning, turning-milling, EDM machines and machining centers.

SprutCAM is used for mold and die, and parts production: prototypes,models, original and serial products, body parts, spare parts, wood products, plastic and stone, patterns, as well as engraving inscriptions and images.

SprutCAM is used in aerospace, automotive, military, shipbuilding, power, electronics industries, heavy machinery, medicine and tool-making facilities.



SprutCAM Advantages

Generate G-code faster 

Расчет траектории сразу с учетом кинематики станка в SprutCAM системеToolpath calculation taking into account the kinematics of the machine

In SprutCAM, unlike other CAM systems, collisions and exits beyond the axis limits are visible immediately after tool path calculation.

This happens because SprutCAM calculates the tool path taking into account the location of the workpiece on the machine.

SprutCAM takes into account the machine axis limits and calculates tool path so as to avoid collisions of moving parts. 

CNC machine programming becomes visual, and the sequence of actions for obtaining tool path is reduced.


Расчет траектории с учетом остаточного материала в SprutCAM системе

Rest material consideration while tool path calculation

At the core of SprutCAM is a concept in which for each subsequent operation the workpiece is the result of a previous operation. Thus, when calculating the tool path, SprutCAM takes into account the result of the previous operation and uses it as a workpiece.

The calculation of the toolpaths based on the result of the previous operation gives several advantages at once:

  • programming becomes visual: the user is able to see the result of material removal immediately after the calculation of the toolpath each operation;
  • comprehensive workpiece collision control;
  • optimized toolpath with less non-cutting passes.



One CAM system for all machines

SprutCAM is a system for the generation of NC programs for the machining of parts on multiaxis milling, lathe, turn mill, EDM machines and machining centers with numeric control. The system permits to create NC programs for machines with various kinematic schemes and can be used with any types of CNC machines.

The sophisticated functionality and the wide range of tooling make SprutCAM an efficient system for making of: dies, press mold, casting molds, prototypes, masters, machine or assembly parts, original or serial parts, basic and spare parts, wooden parts, models as well as for engraving of inscriptions and drawings.


Types of machining:

2,5 Axis Milling
In order to machine parts of general machine-building type SprutCAM contains strategies of 2.5 axis machining. All the strategies form roughing and finishing tool paths. Machining of parts of any complexity is assured by strategies of machining along the contour, setbacks machining, vertical walls, grooves, machining of pockets with islands. The system has a mechanism of automatic detection of horizontal surfaces and holes. All types of machining of holes, chasing and thread milling is supported. The system automatically detects and machines the remaining material. SprutCAM has an embedded system of machining precision control.

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3 Axis Milling

In order to machine parts with curved surface areas, SprutCAM has a wide range of strategies of 3 axis milling. The feature enabling to create the tool path with a permanent scallop height permits to obtain a surface with the needed cleanness and quality. The labor costs are minimized due to the automatic detection and machining of the remaining material. The flat tool path option permits to avoid hard modes of machine functioning and will prolong its operation life considerably.

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Rotary Machining

The Rotary Machining operation is ideal for machining of rotating components such as crankshafts, camshafts, as well as oil and gas well equipment. SprutCAM offers strategies for high quality roughing and finishing using cylindrical interpolation.

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5 Axis Indexed Machining

When using index multi axis machining, the turning of the part between operations can be done interactively according to a model by indicating with a cursor the surface area, which defines the new position of the part. SprutCAM automatically calculates the necessary turning and moving angles of the machine organs and creates the NC program. The tool path is being created taking into account the set kinematic scheme for index machining on 4.5 and more machines. For the multi axis index machining, 2.5, 3 and 4 axis milling strategies are available. In order to run the machining of the same part on a machine with a different kinematic scheme, it suffices to choose a new machine and recalculate the operations.

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5 Axis Continuous Machining

SprutCAM has strategies of continuous 5-axis machining of parts with the lateral surface of the milling cutter, with the face of the milling cutter, with a set angle of the milling cutter to the surface machined. The calculation of the NC program is made taking into account the kinematic scheme of the machine, which permits to avoid any possible collision during the actual machining.

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SprutCAM contains a whole set of strategies for turning machining of parts of any complexity. For that, such operations as rough and finish radial and face turning and boring, grooving, machining of axial holes and all types of chasing. SprutCAM supports all known turning cycles. All the tool paths are built taking into account the remaining material. The cutting modes are set automatically from the tool library. The system assures programming control of any organs of the machine: support holder, tail blocks, workpiece clamp, part catcher etc.

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SprutCAM assures NC programs, making for any types of mill turn machines, including the ones with the auxiliary spindle. The system supports machine schemes with any type and number of tooling systems. In this case the NC program represents a combination of turning and milling passes. All strategies of turning and 2.5 – 5 axis milling are available.

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Multi-Task Machining

В SprutCAM has the possibility to program multi-task turning machines with an auxiliary spindle. This made possible to create NC programs in order to ensure the simultaneous machining of several parts with several tools.

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Wire EDM Machining

The SprutCAM EDM operations allow to make 2 axis outer and inner contour machining with the wire inclination of the wire as well as vertically. There are also strategies of 4 axis machining with possibilities of automatic, interactive and precise synchronization. The support of the cutting modes of every single machine and wide possibilities of machining technology control of multi contour parts permits to obtain the desired cleanness of the surface with minimum labor costs. Automatic, interactive and exact placement of bridges permits to avoid the falling out of the machined material. The coordinates of the holes for the wire entering are transferred into the holes machining operation in order to obtain to NC program for their drilling.

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Jet Cutting

SprutCAM has a module for making of NC programs for cutting out of parts from sheet material. The cutting strategy has the possibility to control the sequence of how the parts are cut out. In order to decrease the temperature deformation of thin parts, there is a possibility to create bridges. The fast movement of the cutter is performed only above those parts of the workpiece, that haven’t been machined. The system controls the angle smoothing.

SprutCAM assures NC programs, making for plasma, laser, oxygen and water jet cutting.

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Postprocessor and machine scheme

Postprocessor and machine diagram in CAM system SprutCAM

In order to output the g-code from the CAM system you need a postprocessor.

Due to the fact that SprutCAM calculates the tool paths already taking into account the kinematics of the machine and the location of the part, the postprocessor in SprutCAM is relatively simple. Developing a postprocessor for SprutCAM is cheaper than postprocessors for other CAM systems.


      Machine diagrams in SprutCAM


In SprutCAM, a user works on creating a tool path inside in machine scheme, not in an abstract field, as in other CAM systems.

The generated tool paths are real, adapted to the constraints of the machine and taking into account the location of the part on the table.The design of the machine scheme is a part of SprutCAM implementation.

The necessary postprocessor and machine scheme can be obtained in two ways:

  • order the development from your dealer or purchase a ready-made set.
  • develop a postprocessor yourself. There is the specialized development environment Sprut INP for this purpose.


Reduce defective parts and machine idle time


Моделирование обработки как на станке в SprutCAM

Credible machining simulation

SprutCAM allows user to simulate the machining process on any machine. In the process of simulation, user visually controls the processing of the part, taking into account the movements of the executive and auxiliary parts of the machine.

In addition, SprutCAM automatically marks the program frames in which it detects collisions or unacceptable cutting conditions. This allows user to optimize the processing technology according to the criteria of machining time, tool life and equipment safety.



Верификация G-кода в SprutCAM

G-code verification

If you have SprutCAM, then you do not need a separate software for the G-code verification. 

G-code verification feature supports Fanuc, Heidenhein, Siemens CNC systems with all built-in machining cycles.

G-code verification reveals:

  • possible errors in the postprocessor;
  • at which time the processing commands are turned on and off;
  • which movement causes gauge or collision;
  • which reference points are used to retract the tool, etc.



SprutCAM will fit into the IT infrastructure 

CAD integration

SprutCAM — решение для создания управляющих программ ЧПУ

Direct import from: SolidWorks, AutoCAD, AutoDesk Inventor, Rhinoceros, T-Flex, Geomagic (Alibre), CADbro, FreeCAD, IronCAD, MegaCAD, SolidEdge, SpaceClaim, ZW3D

Supported formats:

IGES (*.igs, *.iges)

STEP (*.stp, *.step)

DXF (*.stp, *.step)

STL (*.stl)

Parasolid text (*.x_t, *.xmt_txt)

Parasolid binary (*.x_b, *.xmt_bin)

VRML (*.wrl)

PostScript (*.ps, *.eps)

TeamCenter integration

Интеграция SprutCAM с TeamCenter

SprutCAM is able for in enterprises where the Teamcenter PLM system is implemented. The integration module is designed to obtain the data required for generating g-code from Teamcenter and for generated g-code, the list of technological operations and the tool list transfer to Teamcenter after performing the processing.






How SprutCAM help for you

Lublin University of Technology

SprutCAM is used for almost ten years. The interface is easy to use. It gives a wide spectrum of possibilities: good control of the toolpath, wide range of machining strategies. It copes well with importing files from other systems and it does not require large hardware resources. SprutCAM is characterized by a stable operation. Every day allows us to know better the world of technology.




Prof. Piotr KacejkoRector of Lublin University of Technology, Poland

NASHERO s.r.l.

We've recently moved over from Visual Mill Pro to SprutCAM. SprutCAM is lightening fast compared to our older CAM and infinitely more flexible. We've created our specific CNC machine in CAD format and imported it in SprutCAM, then using the built in postprocessor generator, we create the postprocessor for our machine. The most remarkable thing in SprutCAM is speed. Previously for many models VMPro would take over a night to read in a complex CAD model. Whereas for exactly the same model SprutCAM does it in a blink. Why so? Apparently SprutCAM works with native file formats and many other CAM products use a mesh. Thus if the mesh is very fine, it takes that much longer to work with. The product is extremely intuitive to use, added to that Sprutcam has been excellent in answering even the most banal of our queries and in one instance, they offered to help fix the CAD model of the CNC mill that we created to help create the machining. Recently, moving over to the most recent release of SprutCAM, they've added morphing. Anyone who does mold design or high quality class A surfaces will appreciate the feature. Such a feature is only available in extremely high end tools and Sprut has brought a truly game changing system to the production and prototyping environment. Sprut, thank you for saving my time!


Dr. Naresh SharmaCEO of NASHERO s.r.l., Italy

Omni ID

I have been using SprutCAM for 2 years now and it has transformed the ability of our CNC. I had never seen such value for money and really good functionality. The support from Sprut Technology (UK) is second to none and very responsive.





Peter SolmanHead of Mechanical Design of Omni ID, UK

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